C 4 D I G I T A L

Compliance and CPD

Manage audits, accreditations, compliance and CPD – all in one place.

Organisations that require strict, legally defensible compliance tracking can create, manage and report on custom certification programs for all members, even if training and CPD is outside the organisation. 

We’re incredibly proud of this ability to centrally report for many regulatory, association or corporate stakeholders. We aim to provide confidence and comfort to reduce your audit risk and reporting trail, while providing an exceptional experience for your learners, team and members.

With our business platform – Connect – you can focus on growing your organisation knowing that your regulatory responsibilities in reporting and data handling is comprehensively managed and correct, down to each individual user. 


Ultimately, minimising your risk, exposure and costs in managing compliance tracking. Our clients have reported reduced audit efforts from weeks to a couple of hours. 


If you’re familiar with platforms such as Complispace and Compliance Locker, the features and functionality of Connect are similar and replicable.


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