C 4 D I G I T A L

Content Management

Businesses and organisations typically invest hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions in curating & developing content. Its ongoing management and distribution is another dimension that is time intensive and laborious for content managers and departments.

Our founder, who has worked in this space for the past two decades, purposefully set about developing a business platform and technology solution that extracts value from this investment. We believe in the notion that you can continue to extract value, if content can be scaled, trackable, managed with one source of truth and with a highly personalised delivery mechanism.

It’s with this vision that Connect’s founding pillars are built upon. The benefits mean bottom line improvements in reduced time, resources and labour that ultimate lead to better profitability.

Key features includes multi-layering publishing, whereby the same content can be shared across multiple brands or departments with differing user interfaces. So same message, different look and feel. The intuitive drag and drop content authoring tools make architecting your content really easy. Plus, there is a templating engine for standardising content formats. For those requiring integration with external content sources, you can do that too.


Finally, your content can become accountable. Is your audience comprehending it? How are they engaging with the different types of content? Our dashboards and analytics hub will have you extracting real-time insights so you can extract even further value from your content.

If you’re familiar with hubspot or any CMS platform, the features and functionality of Connect are similar and replicable.

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