C 4 D I G I T A L

Corporate Communications

Reach every team member with the right message at the right time, automatically distributed via your desired channel and device. Organisations generally struggle to communicate critical information quickly to their distributed workforces. As the world we live in changes rapidly, forged by tectonic changes in where and how we work, you can reduce the cost of communication workflows with our unified business ecosystem.


Important updates on company news, policies, product announcements, leadership and training can all be created and dispersed faster than ever before, drastically reducing the time spent managing communications. Track and audit each message with real-time data on views, shares and time spent for insights into engagement and adoption of company-wide initiatives.


Save time and money on translaters by automatic distribution of the same content globally, selecting each country’s preferred language and contextualised for that country.

When your team members are informed with relevant, timely information, it’s proven they are more engaged and more productive. Leading to greater employee advocacy and business profitability.


If you’re familiar with platforms such as Dynamic Signal, Hubspot and Workday, the features and functionality of Connect are similar and replicable.


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