C 4 D I G I T A L
What if we want a specific feature or solution customised to our business?

C4 Digital’s ethos is that of adaptability in technology solutions. For this we have an extensive product roadmap and a team of technologists continually evolving the platform to suits our clients needs as they emerge. And we build it fast!

What level of technical support will I receive?

We provide training and implementation support to get you going, plus ongoing 24/7 technical support as required.

We are a small business, is Connect suitable for us?

Connect is applicable to any business size and complexity, from large scale global enterprises to businesses of less than 50 people. The beauty of the platform is that it can scale and adapt with your business as it changes and grows.

Is Connect an LMS?

We do not describe Connect as an LMS, although it does have all the functionality of an LMS and much more. This is just one application of what the ecosystem can do. We can also integrate with your existing LMS or content management system should you require this.

What makes Connect unique?

We view technology as the enabler. We have built a platform that addresses multiple requirements all within the one ecosystem. This allows you to build and distribute content, communicate with a known audience, host events and track all interactions with real-time dashboards. Our all-in-one platform can replace a host of different technologies, allowing you to

What can organisations expect from C4 Digital?

Connect – our connected platform, provides an ecosystem to deliver exceptional end-user experiences that increases engagement, retention and overall lifetime customer value. It can help realise efficiencies in your business operations, drive down technology and operational costs and increase revenue. Productivity gains, simplicity and ease of use are the most common praise we receive from