C 4 D I G I T A L

HR Learning & Development

Organisations with distributed teams across states or borders face the challenge of continually training and developing their employee base. Talent is usually your best asset and your investment in their development needs is one of the core reasons our clients engage us and our business platform.

Key features include full management of onboarding, 360 reviews, training and development plans, assessments, peer and manager reviews and virtual mentoring. Our Social Learning benefits of the platform also allow for identified subject matter experts to train your team. Moderated forums further engage in an experiential learning experience.

The course design and programming options can be tailored to your needs from micro-learning to short courses to medium and long courses, sponsored modules, specialised series, accreditation programs, podcasts and more. Programs can be synchronous and asynchronous. For instance, you can complete a lesson, followed by a live meeting, followed by a quiz, then an evaluation. Learner pathways and credentialing architecture is intuitive and personalised.

Training can be delivered via a combination of face to face learning, virtual or completely online and at a pace that suits your team and business needs. You’re in control to design and create the type of learning experience you require and all under one interface that is company branded. 


If you’re familiar with platforms such as Workday, Intrepid, moodle, SAP Litmos and canvas, the features and functionality of Connect are similar and replicable.


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