C 4 D I G I T A L

Learning and Course Providers, RTOs

The world is experiencing tectonic changes in where and how we learn. Virtual, digital and online learning has seen a rapid rise in trends such as micro-learning, game-based learning, virtual classrooms and cross-platform learning on any device, anytime, anywhere.
Connect – our business platform is designed for application by any learning or course provider, whether you are a government registered training organisation or an expert in your field, looking to transfer and monetise your knowledge into an experiential learning experience.
Key features include a centralised repository of curriculum to support multiple training experiences, a highly configurable taxonomy and course hierarchy and flexible learning pathways for each individual. The user interface is fully customisable to your brand livery, allowing control of your environment and ultimate brand experience.
For those organisations offering both online and offline learning, we can integrate both environments with comprehensive administration and reporting, trackable from desktop, tablet or mobile with a single sign-on.
Connect delivers a unified, exceptional learner experience plus a range of recognition options; certificates, awards, badges, leaderboard or any type of gamification that suits your business goals.
If you’re familiar with platforms such as Intrepid, moodle, SAP Litmos and canvas, the features and functionality of Connect are similar and replicable.
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