C 4 D I G I T A L

Live Events & On-demand Video

Virtual events are the new normal. We’ve adapted as a society and now live in a virtual knowledge economy. The way people engage with their team, audiences and learners has changed for good.


Connect – our business platform delivers a unified ecosystem, where you don’t need to jump out of a learning or content environment to attend a webinar or live-event. Our embedded events capability can create that connected, human experience you’re looking for.

Key features include enterprise-grade live video streaming to large audiences in any timezone. The membership hub enables seamless registration for event scheduling and attendee management, with an in-built communication platform. You can manage member and non-member registrations for a rolling schedule of events such as interactive workshops, virtual classes and webinars.

If the live experience is not your ideal delivery mechanism, you can pre-record and create an on-demand video offering to your users so they can consume content, attend course events and learn at their own pace. At any time of day. Unlike some other video and conference platforms, Connect has a highly secure environment with encryption and password protection.

If you’re familiar with platforms such as Zoom, ON24, Adobe Connect and Streamyard, the features and functionality of Connect are similar and replicable.

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